We Think in Passive House

What does it mean to “Think in Passive House”? We define it as knowing and understanding Passive House design principles and incorporating these principles from start to finish. A skill which allows us to produce innovative designs fully integrated with the Passive House standard.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Leveraging the most innovative and effective project delivery methods, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) allows us to work closely with our clients, contractors, and consultants early in the project which reduces costs and fosters innovation.

Leveraging Technology

We make technology work for us. We comfortably operate in a virtual world, communicating and working remotely with our clients and partners. We leverage cutting edge technology to efficiently and effectively analyze and deliver our high performance projects.


Comfort is our number one priority. Through the use of Passive House principles, our projects will ensure occupant comfort in all seasons throughout all weather conditions. A comfortable office building that also uses 70% less energy than a similar building (or is Net-Zero) will significantly reduce tenant turnover rates.

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